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The Hotel Perseo is in Chiessi, only 100 metres from the beach, a characteristic seaside village on the most western part of the Island of Elba. This area is one of the most unspoiled areas of the island and brings old fashioned Mediterranean atmospheres back to mind.

The Hotel has both fully furnished, comfortable rooms, some with a balcony overlooking the sea, and some apartments with a scenic view.
There is also a fully equipped garden beside the beach, with Jacuzzi swimming pool, and a relaxation and fitness area.

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A holiday in Chiessi

For nature lovers

Chiessi is part of the Costa del Sole, the typical area of granite rocks and cliffs surrounded by Mediterranean bush. Enchanting bays with beaches with all the comforts, cliffs sometimes gently sloping and other times very steep, small sandy and pebble beaches you can often only reach on foot or by sea.
Breathtaking views and never ending sunsets will leave you with memories you will never forget.

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The Island of Elba

Our wonderful island is able to offer you a fantastic holiday in a beautiful climate, hot but breezy without the unbearable heat that is so typical of the cities.
You will be able to admire a crystal clear sea with a beautiful sea bed, perfect for going snorkeling or scuba diving, or beautiful mountains for trekking lovers. Thanks to its conformation, the island is perfect also for cycling and mountain bike lovers.

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