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The western coast of the island is famous for Monte Capanne sloping down gradually into the sea, creating small, sand or pebble beaches, some of which you can reach only by sea.

Enchanting, small, bays with golden sands beaches, some fully equipped and others completely free, cliffs that drop sheer down right to the deep, blue sea, hidden beaches you can reach only on foot or by sea, natural swimming pools only a few metres from the sea, large, smooth rocky platforms : all this makes up the picture of the coast.

Sea grottos, sunken shipwrecks, sea beds of rare, uncomparable beauty : this is the frame round the picture.

Careno DivingFor those who love scuba diving and the sea in general, we suggest the "Associazione Il Careno", founded by a group of scuba divers who had a true passion for the sea. On an island like Elba, where scuba diving goes hand in hand with the sea, it is impossible not to give into its magical, passionate call.

The small village is in one of the most beautiful parts of the Island, where the sea is incredibly clear. The beach in Chiessi is about 80 metres long and, like most of the other nearby beaches, consists of shingles. There are also smooth, flat rocks you can sunbathe on at either side of the beach.
Chiessi is well known by windsurfers due to the afternoon wind that blows crosswise at about 400 metres from the coast.

Scuba divers can swim in crystal clear water and explore the underwater sea cliffs in search of deep-sea fauna and flora.

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