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Our hotel on the Island of Elba » the village of Chiessi

Welcome to Chiessi, a small and enchanting fishing village on the most western side of the island of Elba, an unspoiled place where time seems to stand still, and where, even in the present, you can still breathe the air of the past and experience the Island as it used to be.

Only a cliff that slopes gently down as far as the sea is all that separates the town from the beach. Whether you choose to lie on the shingles beach or on one of the smooth slabs of granite, you will be able to fully appreciate the breathtaking, incredibly clear sea.

This area, where a true, agricultural tradition still exists, is part of the "Costa del Sole" (Sun Coast), and consists mainly of granite cliffs, Mediterranean bush, and terraced vineyards.

A scenic road 10 km long with breathtaking views of the islands of the Tuscan Archipelago and of Corsica runs along the coastline of the Costa del Sole, with its enchanting bays and beaches with all the comforts, cliffs some gently sloping and others steep, small beaches you only reach on foot or by sea.
Breathtaking panoramas and never ending sunsets will fill your heart with everlasting memories.

The mild climate means you can have a holiday all year round, whether you want to relax for a few days or whether you want to do some sports.

It is therefore the perfect place for both a relaxing or a sporting holiday, and is only 20 minutes away from lively tourist centres like Marina di Campo or Marciana Marina.

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