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Since 1996, Elba has been part of the Tuscan Archipelago National Park, whose main aim is to exploit the uniqueness and natural beauty of these precious islands in the best possible way, not only for their beauty and important marine environment , but also for the extraordinary heritage of fauna and flora you can see everywhere just by walking along any one of the numerous footpaths.

In just a few square kilometres the landscape of Elba reveals a unique and very varied environment.

This a due to the fact that one moment you are at sea level then suddenly you are at a height of 1000 metres above sea level, with hills exposed both to the north and to the south, and the many geological and geomorphological differences.

Steep cliffs that drop right down to the sea, beaches with vegetation that survives in all types of weather, alternate with Mediterranean bush.

Il Semaforo
Start off at Chiessi , cross the bridge, follow the road to Marciana, then take the No. 25 uphill path, and you will find yourself on an old vineyard route. Walk along a stretch of the Tofonchino stream. It's a tiring climb, but the view from the top will more than compensate your hard work.
Follow a dirt road, until you reach a rocky ridge where you will come to a crossing; you may want to look at the lighthouse (The view of Corsica and Patresi is breathtaking). Turn left when you reach a field of broom, typical beautiful yellow May flowers . Then head right towards Troppolo. At the junction, turn right until the Num. 3 Pomonte / Chiessi.

Now the path becomes easier because it is mostly downhill. You are now in the realm of strawberry trees. At the junction with No. 4, if you wish you can go and admire the ruins of the Romanesque church of San Bartolomeo (XII), looted and almost completely destroyed by pirates in the sixteenth century. Here you can also find traces of an ancient settlement dating back to prehistoric times. At this point in your journey you can go back to track 3, and start your descent towards Chiessi.

Level of difficulty: high
Hiking time: 5 hours

Capo la terra
Follow a difficult but short trail (4 km) opened by the Park in the autumn of 2001.
Start at the church square in Chiessi and go up the granite staircase between the houses until you reach the Route No. 3. Follow this for a few hundred meters and at the first junction turn left. From now on the route becomes easier.
Go through abandoned vineyards and orchards, with the Gneccarina stream below you. At the next junction, turn left and walk down the path towards the stream. Cross the stream and you'll come to a field.
As a reward you get a wonderful view of the valley of Chiessi. Then go to an old shed. Follow the track between the broom until you walk between two walls. Continue to follow the path down until you reach Chiessi.

Level of dfficulty: high
Hiking time: 2 hours

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