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Ours is a typical Mediterranean cuisine prepared by the owners themselves with both traditional and more modern dishes, such as our Cacciucco: a rich, fish soup, consisting of rock fish, octopus and shellfish cooked in a spicy tomato sauce on top of toasted bread.

The beauty of this dish is that it is not your usual, everyday soup, but something completely different, whose flavour will help you discover how tasty even cheaper fish can be, not forgetting the fact that it is a meal in itself.

We offer a wide variety of both fish and meat dishes, so we are certain we will please everybody, whatever their preference !

We also have special menus for children. In addition, preparing special dishes for those who suffer from food intolerances or allergies such as celiac disease, or for babies, is no problem for us at all.

When we prepare and cook our food, we always try to use local herbs from the Island, that grow naturally in the country, like 'persa' (wild marjoram) a wild herb used by the local farmers to prepare a soup made with eggs and toasted bread called "Persata".

Now all we have to do is HOPE YOU ENJOY YOUR MEALS !!

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